Below is a list of firearms that were stolen recently.

Be aware of these gun S/N's and descriptions. 

Please contact Eric Grabber (below) if you encounter any of these firearms:

95202818  Desert Eagle 44 Mag custom shop high luster chrome plated-not many around.

4050  Wildey 475 pistol six inch bbl-not many in the state.

4122  Barrett 50 semi auto rifle with 10X Ziess scope-not many of these in the state either.

A006869 Calico 22lr M-100 rotary magazine, carbine, folding stock, blue, semi-auto.

A0424  Krinkoff 762 X 39 semi auto, near new, long bbl extension & folding stock.

19109699  Ruger AC556 stainless select fire

003711  Sentinal Arms Corporation Stryker 12 - 12 Gauge Revolving Shotgun. Near new.

85800847 SWD MAC 10 45ACP select fire.

8670206  Browning 1919 currently set up for 30-06 with tripod, cloth belts and .308 conversion spacer, barrel and flash hider. Gun was new and unfired. Was a Delo side plate gun.

Eric Grabber
907-490-7325 (office)