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4 July 2003 Whittier, Alaska

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Mike S. arrives early to set up for the event A view downrange before the event started The firing line A view behind the firing line of the beautiful Prince William Sound
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A view from downrange The City of Whittier was gracious enough to provide an excellent target She's seen better days And now the lovely Melanie is modeling our fashionable AMGA sweatshirt (available on the AMGA Product page ; )
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Getting warmed up Before...(thats a clothes dryer on the deck) BOOM!!!

(this was cool!)

After: Let this be a warning to those pesky home appliances
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What the... The boats on fire!! Now how the heck did that happen?! ...Ahhh... Whittier FD dowsing the blaze as a precaution
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What a great way to dispose of dilapidated fishing vessels! Matts way cool homemade mortar. It shoots Campbells Soup cans (Mmm Mmm BOOM!) Machine gun rentals were made available to spectators for a fee. Here at the MG-74 MP-5 action
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Matt W. and Dennis H. at the Ma Deuce Troy S. doing a little "night" shooting Matt & Melanie with their M-60 Keith S. firing some APIT later in the evening
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Mike S. at the Browning 1917

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